Brand Marketing Communications.

Increased sales and market share for industrial manufacturer: Retained by a high tech manufacturer to establish its leadership in a mature, and fragmented North American market. Interviewed management, engineers, sales, installers, and customers to understand the product category and market. Identified the absence of an industry leader. Leveraged proof points to re-define the brand's value and crafted messaging to fill the leadership void. Identified marketing opportunities to tell the 'new' story. Sales increases and the market expanded. 


Controlled damage to reputation following securities fraud:

Canadian capital markets leader implicated in global securities fraud. Introduced and led crisis management process. Provided counsel to CEO and management team. Maintained  ongoing communications with staff and clients. Managed media relations. Deflected attention and protected reputation. 


Increased understanding of pension Plan to increase confidence and loyalty: Pension fund management wanted to understand the level of understanding and confidence in their defined benefit plan. Conducted interviews, focus groups, and online research. Presented findings and recommendations to management. Developed a communications strategy and that educated, engaged and reassured employees and pensioners. 


Clarified value proposition to broaden appeal and create sustainability: Refreshed the brand for a multi-campus, faith-based, seniors' facility that needed to broaden appeal. Consulted with Board, management, residents, prospects, families and academic partners. Identified shared, relevant values for current and target clients. Created new name and messaging to convey  a broader value proposition  without sacrificing existing brand equity. Achieved buy-in, trust, and confidence from management, staff, stakeholders. Roll-out pending.

Developed brand strategy and identity for merged company: Quarterbacked development of a unifying brand following the merger of seven knowledge-based organizations. Managed culture change communications. Led external research - awareness, priorities, perceptions, and expectations. Developed and implemented brand strategy, positioning, and launch. Achieved buy-in among staff, clients, academic,  

government stakeholders.

Established merged entity as Ontario's catalyst for innovation. Attracted new partners and funding